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Motorcyclist struck and killed on Louisiana highway

Whether it is due to warm weather, to travel across country or as a hobby, motorcyclists can be seen traveling around and through Louisiana. These small vehicles can easily go unnoticed if drivers do not check their mirrors, blind spots and oncoming traffic. Failure to do so could cause a serious or even fatal collision. A motorcycle accident often ends tragically due to the lack of safety features. Although motorcyclists should wear a helmet, the impact of a vehicle could easily throw them off their bike causing them to be in critical condition.

Driver collides head-on with two motorcyclists, killing one

Motor vehicles are considered very useful and rather safe, but an inattentive driver could easily cause an automobile to become severely dangerous. This is especially true when motorcycles are traveling near the distracted driver. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and double-check their blind spots for these small vehicles. Failure to check for nearby or on-coming motorcyclists could lead to a serious motorcycle accident.

Louisiana man killed after truck collides with his motorcycle

Residents in Louisiana travel by motorcycle for various reasons. Whether it is to get to work, run an errand or for pure enjoyment, motorcyclists are often at a higher risk of being involved in an accident than other drivers. The small size of a motorcycle can cause them to go unnoticed. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings. If they fail to check their blind spots, utilize turn signals or yield to other drivers, a motorcycle accident could ensue.

Fatal motorcycle crash kills one on Louisiana highway

One benefit of living in the south is the warm weather that is present most of the year. Due to clear road conditions and great weather, residents in Louisiana will often witness locals and tourists traveling by motorcycle. Although this is common, some drivers might not be aware that they are on the road. This is often due to their small size and ability to hide in blind spots. This makes it especially important for motorcyclists to avoid blind spots and for drivers to check their mirrors, blind spots and oncoming traffic before changing lanes or making a turn. Making a negligent maneuver could lead to a serious motorcycle accident.

Louisiana motorcycle accidents can cause death, injuries

A motorcyclist who goes for a joy ride but ends up dying in a fatal accident typically leaves behind family members who grieve and are traumatized by the tragic situation. Motorcyclists and those who ride with them in Louisiana are at risk for injury or death in motorcycle accidents because a motorcycle provides little protection against other larger automobiles. When a motorcyclist loses his or her life as a result of someone else's failure to abide by traffic laws, this may be considered an act of negligent -- and perhaps even reckless -- conduct. Sometimes financial damages may help to ease the pain and suffering for the surviving loved ones following this type of crash.

Motorcycle accident kills man, seriously injures woman

Bikers and their passengers are particularly at risk for injury or death in motorcycle accidents, compared with other vehicles, because a motorcycle provides virtually no protection in a collision. When a person is injured in a Louisiana motorcycle accident, their family members typically experience a combination of sorrow and anger. It is within the rights of the family of the accident victim to pursue monetary compensation to help to cope with the financial damages resulting from the event -- even if the person who caused the crashed ended up dying in the accident.

Inattentive driver causes motorcycle accident in Louisiana

It is important that motorists follow the rules of the road. These rules are designed to keep motorists from crashing into each other due to confusion and uncertainty of what other drivers are going to do. Not following these rules can lead to serious consequences, including injury or even death. Unfortunately, one inattentive driver in Louisiana failed to follow the rules of the road and ended up killing a woman in a motorcycle accident.

Louisiana drivers reminded to share road with motorcycles

Individuals who ride motorcycles are automatically at a greater risk for being injured in a motor vehicle accident. As opposed to a car or truck which has metal and protective gear, if involved in an accident, the body of a motorcyclist is typically the first point of contact. With the warmer weather and more Louisiana residents choosing to ride motorcycles, Louisiana State Police are urging both cyclists and motorists to follow safe driving practices.

Motorcyclist dies after driver fails to yield

When operating a motor vehicle, it's important that drivers be ever aware and vigilant of the whereabouts of other motorists. This is especially true in the case of vehicles at intersection or highway approaches. In many cases, drivers who are attempting to either cross or pull onto highways from cross lanes of traffic misjudge the distance and speed of approaching vehicles.

Driver's failure to yield, yields fatal crash

Accidents that occur at intersections are frequent and among the most serious of all motor vehicle accidents. When such accidents involve smaller vehicles like motorcycles or pedestrians, those involved often sustain serious injuries that require immediate and ongoing medical attention. Louisiana residents were saddened to recently learn of one such intersection accident in which one man was killed.

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