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May 2011 Archives

Seven individuals arrested for car insurance fraud

How would you feel if you were in a car accident that wasn't really an accident, and that the other driver intended to hit you so that he or she could file a fraudulent insurance claim? No doubt you wouldn't be very happy. Car crashes are, after all, an inconvenience to say the least. Now what if I told you that your insurance rates would increase because of the crash which could have taken your life? You'd probably be pretty close to furious, no?

Man files suit against employer, TXDOT for single car crash

Getting behind the wheel of a car, or in a car with other individuals is an inherently risky activity. Whether one is driving in a high traffic interstate, on an unpopulated country road, or on a highway under construction, there is always the possibility of an accident occurring.

NTSB holds hearing to consider safety recommendations, P.1

This week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) held a hearing with regulators, safety experts and representatives from the truck and bus industries discussing possibilities for improving safety recommendations and enforcement.

CDC study: car accidents claim lives of many young drivers

Reuters reports that a new study by the Centers for Disease Control Injury Center, motor vehicle accidents claim around $30,000 lives each year in the United States. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 5 and 34. In addition to the human toll, car accidents claim a large financial toll.

Motorcycle deaths decrease in Louisiana in 2010

According to a recent study conducted by the Louisiana State University Highway Safety Research Group, motorcycle related deaths in 2010 fell to their lowest point since 2002. Louisiana's mandatory helmet law, increased motorcycle training, and increased safety awareness were all cited as factors in the reduced death rate.

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